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How many registered domains is too many?

I hate how losing even just a couple hours of sleep makes you feel terrible the next day

I hate gracious hosts - they make it so difficult to extract myself from social situations. I'm not trying to leave because I'm dissatisfied with the hospitality, I'm trying to leave because I don't like being around people

Why do some guys insist on walking past the urinal to one of the stalls just to pee standing up? Drives me crazy...

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Started new doses of my Zoloft and Norvasc day before yesterday. I'm definitely feeling a bit fried as I acclimate to the new doses

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Y'all, where are my :palm: webOS people at?

Please boost. Let's have a family reunion πŸ˜†

Starting the clock at midnight, I'm now at 14hr 45min of work today

TFW you absolutely can't sleep despite it being almost 4am. I hate my brain some times

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Did you know the next meeting of the User Group is on the 15th of April? 1700GMT on the IRC channel.

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