@cn just one, used to be several but I consolidated them recently

How many registered domains is too many?

I hate how losing even just a couple hours of sleep makes you feel terrible the next day

I hate gracious hosts - they make it so difficult to extract myself from social situations. I'm not trying to leave because I'm dissatisfied with the hospitality, I'm trying to leave because I don't like being around people

@minego Just pulled and rinsed the prints, they are soooo perfect

@minego Print is done, it's dripping a bit before I remove it from the machine. Looks like it came out perfect

@minego Unfortunately, very small prints are quite a bit slower, so maybe it's a bit of a wash?

@minego So far so good! Setup was pretty easy, a little bummed that it seems I have to use their slicing software, it's a lot smaller build volume than the Linear Plus, but I like that it takes up a lot less space. And it prints larger prints *much* faster. Better quality settings on this print than on the Kossel, and it's supposed to take 50min, where it was going to be over 6 hours on the Kossel :D

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@minego Any suggestions for spots nearish you that would have nice telescope visibility and hiking options?

@minego So, we might do a family camping trip in the nearish future (I've been itching to get the telescope out again) so we might just drive the stuff over

@minego Sure thing! This one comes pre-assembled so I'm hoping it will be a bit less time tinkering and more time printing. Next project after Halloween stuff will be to build a Mars rover with Alex, and maybe some scale rockets/shuttles. Have also been thinking about building a 1:1 scale BB-8

@minego I got the AnyCubic one off Amazon, it should come in tomorrow, so I'll let you know how everything goes. Planning on using it to print various parts of Alex's Black Panther costume for Halloween this year

@minego Yeah, I understand that. I had problems with my extruder and didn't get around to trying to fix it for several months, too

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