Just booked tickets to go see Book of Mormon this July

@minego Guin is in love with the music from it - I got her the original cast recording on vinyl. This will be our first time actually seeing it, though.

@Andolamin I've heard a few of the songs but not the whole thing. I am a bit torn on it, because I was raised Mormon and I have a lot of feelings about that church, which are mostly negative. I've heard the show is wonderful, but I also don't feel like thinking about that extremely abusive organization.

@Andolamin I feel like it has been long enough since I got out of the church that I could enjoy the show, but I'm not sure that is really the case.

@minego It's hard to tell with those kinds of things. I left christianity many many years ago and I still have complex feelings about it (took me several tries to decide whether to capitalize it in this post -_-). It's actually made worse by knowing christians who are very understanding while others try to guilt me into faith...

@minego When you're raised into religion, I'm not convinced it's entirely possible to fully recover from it. Seems it's always there in your mind somewhere...

@Andolamin Agreed. I don't see how you could possibly ever undo all of the negative effects. I'm just glad that my children were not raised in that.

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